Reviews for "|The Staring Sun|"


omg, This was AWESOME !

I really really hope this song gets noticed so that you can be famous !
I'm a big fan of your music ;)


[sorry i'm late]

surely it's good.
certainly it's better than most audio portal top rated songs.
in short words awe-fxcking-some.

gazz should be proud of having fans that AAA+++ class.

MashedByMachines responds:

Thanks alot mate :)

LOL In the Groove

Someone should step this song. It would make sense. lol


One of the most unique songs I have heard here. That awesome guitar riff on top of that 8-bit sounding track was something different.

Also, what happened to that loop you had on here, Pizzahead I think it was called? I was going to download it on my home computer but then you deleted it.

MashedByMachines responds:

Thanks alot :) I like mixing guitar riffs with 8-bit music ;D

The pizzahead song was removed beacuse I didnt like it very much, and it got a low score :)

Thanks for your review! :D


An excellent mix of retro and metal!
Well done!