Reviews for "|The Staring Sun|"


really well done

MashedByMachines responds:

Thank you :)

[sorry i'm late]

surely it's good.
certainly it's better than most audio portal top rated songs.
in short words awe-fxcking-some.

gazz should be proud of having fans that AAA+++ class.

MashedByMachines responds:

Thanks alot mate :)

Sounds too much like Cryosleep, but w/e. XD

Listening to the synth at the start instantly made me think Cryosleep. Listening to the guitar riffs made me think Cryosleep. Listening to the middle part with the clean-sounding guitar made me think Cryosleep. No wonder, this song was inspired by Cryosleep. XDD

That's meant to be a good and bad thing though. While this song does clearly show its influence to MaSu fans, and while sound quality, instrument choice, panning, & melody are all awesome, I think it lacks a "hook" of some sort. To make sure of what I'm saying, I listened to Cryosleep while making this review ^^

I noticed that the main "refrain-ey" part had the synth and the rhythm, but also had other lead guitars and string-ish synths playing as well. Maybe if you added your own version of that, it'd be better, but that's just my opinion since this alone already sounds like a great tribute of sorts already to Cryosleep! I especially love the way you ended the song; that was just perfect. =)

5/5, 8/10.

But if you ask me, nothing is topping your original version of Mirrorworld. You know me enough to know that I'd say that. XD

MashedByMachines responds:

Thanks a lot for your great reviews :)

Yeah I know that the song turned out pretyy similiar to cryosleep in many ways, but that was part of the plan. I didn´t really "copy" anything, just made some parts(like the guitar and drums) very similiar. It´s no secret that I am influenced alot by MaSu, they are after all my biggest source of inspiration.

Thanks again for your great review! I am not too fluent in english so its kinda hard for me to express myself as thorough as you can :) I hope you dont take offense in that my response isnt as long as your review ^^


omg, This was AWESOME !

I really really hope this song gets noticed so that you can be famous !
I'm a big fan of your music ;)