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Reviews for "Sungazer (OM)"

fucking awesome

Awesome trance song, man. Full of energy and life. I really can't see any flaws. Fantastic job. Keep it ^



Great piece

I sometimes wonder why I go anywhere else for music, because the techno and trance you find here is actually better than a lot of the crap they play on my local dance station. I might actually e-mail them sometime asking to give people here some airtime.

My biggest problem with this piece is those three-note synth cymbals. You hear that loop in so much techno, it's not even funny. The song could probably be just as good without it.

Still, I gave a 5. Great work, and here's to you doing more!

Wooh Kriz!

Nice man. Congratz on the top 5. Keep up the good work.
Your stuff's always great and this is O_O hehe..



Kr1z responds:

;-D Thanks!


Kinda long, but cool indeed.

Kr1z responds: