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Reviews for "Sungazer (OM)"

5/5 10/10

Nice song! Nice author! Nice bass! I have nothing to add for this song. It´s like it should be :)

Great..loved it :D

the only reason why its a 9 (would have given u a 9 and a 1/2 lol) but is because the intro is a bit long but even thats not that bad soo good work kris


Kr1z responds:



Great job again. Good transitions! That in my opinion can make or break a song and you did a great job on it. I can't judge on technical issues because I'm not a music man but love this kind of music. I can see me doing a music video or something to this though. Granted I'm no professional but it'd be fun to do. Keep up the good work.

Kr1z responds:

Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed the song!

No Stream I doubt I'm better than Kr1z

This is pretty awesome, well really awesome =]

Enjoyed it from start to end, I especially liked the whole part that kicked in at around 3:00, This is like a true Trance song, things you hear from the pros!

Well done dude!

Kr1z responds:

Oh thanks :) Glad you liked it!

And obviously you and Beatsource are so much better than me.
The reviewer below me (who seems to know EVERYTHING about NG) said it so it HAS to be true!

Lol cheers


A quite typical song of yours, in a positive way. ;)

I'm not to familiar with trance music, so unfortunately I can't really review you on any technicalities,

To me, the intro and outro both seemed perfectly fine the way they are. All these people moaning about it not being fast enough is pretty much bull. It stays true to it's genre and it doesn't disappoint. There's a lot of side-synths to keep the listener focussed, if it weren't for them I'd agree with the rest, but the way the track is right now? I honestly can't spot any major flaws.

Though your leads and progression are relatively generic. (Emphasis on relatively.)


I felt like giving you some props. None of the other reviewers seem to have done so, but I believe that respect must be given when respect is due. This is one of those occasions. Good job.

~ La_Yinn, --'

Kr1z responds:

First of all, thanks for listening!

I'm glad you understand my point :)
Long buildups and intros are part of the genre :)
I did everything in my power to make it not boring. (It's kinda stupid to see ppl still complaining about it)

Thanks so much for the props! I worked very hard on this piece and I'm glad you liked it!