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Reviews for "Sungazer (OM)"

Sadly, generic.

Having read Fierra's review and your response, I felt it would be appropriate to clear up some confusion and then leave a review myself. ;D

About the kick - first of all I don't remember ever offering advice for this track, much less this specific version. Though I like the sound itself, I'm going to have to agree with Fierra here that it's loud, overpowers many other sounds (listen to the sub bass at 2:29 vs. 3:12), and even distorts. That being said, I get the feeling that in this case you believed my advice just because you wanted to believe it - whether that was true or not, though, everyone's opinion counts. I can't be right on everything, nor can anyone else.

I think everything could afford to come down in volume a fair amount, the track peaks almost everywhere except for the break in Audacity. For someone your level this is literally a crying shame - shouldn't you know better by now never to go over the 0 dB limit? I don't hear any distortion either so the track might be squashed as well, it certainly seems so. While mixing, leave yourself several dB of headroom (space between peak levels and 0 dB) and NEVER put anything on the Master Channel until the mix is 100% finished - if something sounds bad, don't blame the overall sound, it'll always originate from your individual sounds after all. Master Channel effects are to be saved for "master"ing, logically enough, and even then should be used subtly without squashing the track too much.

I recognize the following from VEC: the loop in the opening, and clap, crash, FX, and hit (kudos for almost separating it from the second half with the LFO though, I did that once in my PoE remix :D). I also hear many Nexus presets - all of these kill the character of your track. People won't remember this as Kr1z's track - I and many others will hear Manuel Schleis' sounds instead. For this reason I can guarantee this sort of music will never get signed and really could only be "successful" on Newgrounds and similar sites. If that's what you want, fine, but if you want to take your work any farther there's work to be done.

Supersaws are by nature unoriginal - if I were you I would have no more than one supersaw to a track to leave room for more original sounds.

I don't like the idea of your two synths playing the bass role, one as an almost offbeat sub (it sounds like one when the kick's playing) and one as a lighter arp. Why not give the track more character: take out the sub bass synth, then move the arp farther in front and add a new sub underneath. This way you're killing two birds with one stone by cleaning up your mix and making the track more memorable. Of course this is all only advice as you're probably not going to rework the track - right? But apply it to future productions.

I don't like the anticlimax - it's unfulfilling for the listener who has to keep waiting for the peak and it breaks the flow of the track. Buildups lose their effect when you use three (2:40/2:54/3:00 - the last is short but still a build in energy) to reach the same peak after all. I would have managed the energy differently by building constantly in that time, moving onto the peak by 2:58 at latest, adding in the drums right away.

There's a second break that's not really a break at 3:40, all it does for me is kill the energy. It's fine to want variation, but don't try to go for a long track because most Trance is like that - I'm sure the track could have been much more concise and enjoyable to listen to had it been a 4-minute radio edit instead. If you want to go longer, repeat the break-build-peak pattern, instead of just having a breather from what otherwise would be a 2-minute peak.

The composition here doesn't interest me. It's not i-VI-III-VII generic, but it's generic for a Trance track. Aim for something exciting to hear, that doesn't have to strictly stick to a major/minor key, that resolves into itself well. Having only 3 bassline notes also adds to the generic feeling.

Keep at it, Kr1z, and don't let me discourage you TOO much. :) I'd close the review normally but I'm out of spa

Kr1z responds:

First of all, thanks for ur time and advice!
It's only my 4th trance track yet so I'm learning :)

I don't have audacity or something :( I also didn't master the track.
My speakers are 30EU stuff so I wouldnt know about the peaking.

I'll remember the dB space advice.

Concerning the vecs yarr:
Loop is sliced :) Clap is a layer. Nexus presets are layerd, mod'ed, sequenced. It's still nexus, I can't use anything else becuz I dont know how :$

I'll remember the supersaw thing.

The subbass is slightly sidechained to prevent interference with the kick. That's why it sounds off beat =P

Second break was a lazy way to variate the song.

I agree on the radio edit. Would be more enjoyable indeed! I'm considering making one.

About the composition, I've never been good at being really original. I've never had any lessons in musical theory and I lack experience.

Quite discouraging. But thanks for the review, somebody had to say the truth.

Thanks for ur time, and u keep going :)

Woah wild man!

Not bad but nothing I haven't heard before...
<--- that guy man.. This is not generic, it's epic.. really well deserved top 5 :-)!

Keep it wild!


Favorited the song

Generic Progressive Trance

Not bad but nothing I haven't heard before...


Kr1z responds:

Perhaps you could give me some tips on how to bring more variation into the song. I'm out of ideas.


Okay before I get thumbed down for this being useless just because I didn't give it a 10/10 let me at least say why I didn't.
The beginning of the song is something I've heard literally thousands of times, a really common beat that you hear in almost every general techno, this did not impress me whatsoever and in fact helped subtract, and when the song did start to pull you in it was nice but it carried on with the same beat just slightly altered over a stretched out amount of time. This too is extremely common and subtracted, Not only that but once the song pulled you in it stayed on basically the same beat and movement of the music, this as well subtracted.

Kr1z responds:

Thanks for the review! It's generic indeed, that's all that I can bring atm. I'm improving though with every song. So who knows what I'll bring in the future ;)


10/10 Production : Very solid progressiv trance (uplifting song) a masterpaice. Well worked sidechains, not bad melodys its actully very nice pluck and uplifting pad works, i could suggest is maybe add something backround piano or something even more uplifting but its very fine work.

9/10 Songwriting: Intro is ok alittle simpel maybe, but its actully very not bad,
Pad Breakdown maybe came like a boom i feel it could maybe have an solid intro faded bassline. Pluck Breakdown is actully very good job. after that song flowing very nice. The outro is very nice done.

10/10 Enjoyment: I like it its very classic (prog trance.) Good mixing, its actully working well listen with monitors and add it to favorits. Keep work what u doing u have some talent skill behind this maybe even u could try puplic release to singel u should try my friend.

Review Summary 10/10 and 5/5 / TN ps sorry if english is abit rusty not iam not best with english grammar :)