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Reviews for "LL- OoCL Episode 1"

not bad

i dont really like lock voices. they remind me of crazy smart people in wheel cairs. aka stephen hawking

ClockLock responds:

Move every zig, for great justice.


ok well that was entertaining, the audio was still hard to understand even with the subtitles, it also went by very fast, other then that it was ok.

Slow down the voices abit

Clocks and locks


it wass ok

i think all the CC jokes would be funny well more funny with out the clock voice....but i gotta complemnt on the use of the cow boy bebop song cats from mars in the 1 sceene that was cool ^^

ClockLock responds:

Thanks for watching. ^_^ Happy Lock Day.

not my thing

i didnt even watch it all be cause i dont like it

ClockLock responds:

To each their own. Thanks for voting fairly with the 5 though. ^_^ Happy Lock Day.

i have seen better.

i think the movie was ok but than agan i did not get the lock cock thing but some things on newgrounds are made not too get so if your in too that than u will like this.