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Reviews for "LL- OoCL Episode 1"


AAAGH, THE HALF BREED! lol... see you COULD go into a big thing about the parallels of racial discrimination in real-life and the one between clocks and locks... or you can just laugh your ass off at "mexican" O.o...

all my 5... all my 5 :P

ClockLock responds:

>>; Hmmmm... mexican. =D Well, hopefully Episode 2 will get deeper into this stuff than Episode 1. I'm very glad you liked it. ^_^ Happy Lock Day.


Yay! Awesome work Clocky! Can't wait to see the next episode :D.

You deserved better then 4th though >:U.

ClockLock responds:

^_^ I'm glad you liked it! Happy Lock Day, dude.

that was good

that was good and pretty funny

ClockLock responds:

Thanks much dude =D

'oly Sh%$! That F%#$ is a racist clock!

Clock lock! you gotta make more! I *HICK* really wanted to see what happened between the clocks and locks. The virtual world you and your crew *HICKUP* have created is awsome. ...I'm glad you didn't include the stupid Glock...Whatever their name is. Then again, that's just me. *HICKUP*

ClockLock responds:

Thanks. ^___^ Well, I wouldn't be so quick to say anything about the Glock Group... =P But we shall see. Thanks for your kind review.

A series that could have been so great.

This was a solid Lock flash that had a great story to it,the script was fantastic and it had a good amount of humor to it as well also the animation was great with the swift framerate and i like the fact it had many characters as well,overall i enjoyed this very much and well considering this first episode was made four years ago i doubt a second episode will be made which is kind of disappointing but at least this one particular Lock flash was great in itself.

ClockLock responds:

The second episode is The Unleashed: Prelude. Whoopsies.