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Reviews for "Jessica Alba Bubble Bath!"

Good Job, Wade!

Although the only reason why Dress-up Games are the most preferred is because 99% of those who voted on 'em are horny teenagers.

lol...that was weird...

nice job wade...my bro said that's a good game...very good how you made the character talk...cause i never played a dress up doll in my life(i was meaning for this site only....no no not real-life)but anyway keep it up man.plus tom's game too

Funny Stuff

Interesting 'game' Wade, you certainly are a master in this respect... Actually, I've noticed that a lot of your submissions are Dress-ups; are they just easier to do, or do you think they might be your niche? Well, anyways, this was great; much better than the Buruma (Bulma)Dress-up. I thought the 'Rubber Ducky' sound clip was kind of funny.

SomeOldGuy99 responds:

Well, the dress-up games are pretty easy to do. I don't have a lot of free time to play with flash, and really get into it. Even though I work at Newgrounds, I spend most of my time working on the site, and not creating flash. So I don't get involved in projects that tie me up for weeks and weeks. That's Tom's job. I'm here to take care of all the maintenance so he has time to make quality flash. Another thing is, dress-up games are very popular. Just look at the amount of views these things get, compared to the other types of submissions. It's cool to make something that has 300,000 views. You know a lot of people have forwarded it around to there friends, and maybe you're responsible for a whole lot of orgasms, and sticky keyboards. Haha. So to make a long story short, they are quick to make, and get lots of hits. Hopefully people who come to see these dress-up games will stick around and check out other people's content on Newgrounds.

You can do better Wade...

You know it. I know it. Wade, you've done better. This was pretty good, though. The music sounded like I was in a shampoo commercial.

SomeOldGuy99 responds:

Did you find the item and stick it somewhere? Shampoo commercial music? More like PORN baby!

It doesn't even look like her.

Nice job anyways.

SomeOldGuy99 responds:

Well, it's an image of her face, so I would hope it would look like her. Maybe it is just not a look you are used to seeing. Glad you liked it otherwise though. :)