Reviews for "Mountain Flowers - F-777"

Screw cliches: it's epic

The problem with me reviewing any one of your songs is that I respect you too much as an artist and am afraid of saying something wrong. :-P Well, here goes...

High energy, upbeat feel, and begging to be glowstringed to - I love this! I listened through each transition and had to consciously attempt to remember the previous section of the song to actually recognize that there was a transition. Despite me feeling inadequate due to such a trifle, it goes to show just how smoothly they went by, flowing seamlessly. As usual, your synth instruments and individual sections of the song are exquisite... Keeping the 4-floor dance beat alive by non-drum/bass instruments (e.g. piano!) in some of the low(er) energy portions was awesome, it made the interruptions to the relative calm by the bass (e.g. 2:11-2:13) very warmly welcomed by my ears (my coherence is breaking down -.-' ).

Obligatory nitpicking:
Anyway, the only quality issue I have is, and this might just be my computer screwing up on me, that there are a few microscopic hiccups (and -maybe- a style issue - but that's always subjective). Sooo... Between 1:47 and 1:48 (also within a second of 2:15): there's a very very tiny hiccup of sorts in the lead synth (I heard it on the first time through but thought it was my imagination; it's almost imperceptible). I'm going to make a wild guess and say (despite a hunch that I'm wrong) that there's a momentary cancellation of the waveform by the piano... Either that, or my sound card isn't good enough at keeping channels separated. -.-' Also, in those two sections, the piano in the background that's keeping the beat feels sort of forced (esp. beats 7 and 8 counting off from the first piano key hit per pattern), like its just barely overdriven or is barely clashing somehow or -barely- *something* (I dunno - just a subjective observation, I'm not sure if it even matters; its sound has grown on me nicely ever since the third time through).

Irregardless of those nigh irrelevant minutia, this song was awesome. I'm not going to say that it's your best (not because it isn't: it's because I can't compare songs to each other particularly well, esp. when they're all so good), but I -am- going to say that it's -exquisite- and... bah, screw cliches: it's epic. :-D

By the way, where'd the title 'Mountain Flowers' come from...?

5/5, 10/10, and +1 download (thou hast been fav'd for a long time already). May this song be raved to wherever it's heard. :-D



No doubt, amazing

This is one of those pick-me-up songs you'd listen to if you just had a horrible day or something or something just went wrong. Makes me think that sometimes thing happen but still gotta keep tryin right? :P lol maybe im goin too deep into it but keep up the good work

yo mama approves

i really loved this. awesome work from you as usual. i only kinda wish the sounds were softened a bit to be more cohesive with the beautiful beginning and repeating melody, not to mention the title of the song. but still ... <3 <3 <3

nice 10/10 5/5 idol

I liked very much, and why the dance is not my style, congratulations