Reviews for "Mountain Flowers - F-777"

Could Tell instantly

By the song's intro I could tell instantly that this is good (I am generally not fond of techno) but this the flow of the song works great and all the elements are connected. Great Job (mix of slow parts and fast work together)
Great Job


beautiful man, i love your work, keep it up :D


I like how in the beggining you think its an ambient song. then by :13 it moves to trance. the that magnificent piano solo at 2:04 was just amazing! the saw with the plucking was great as well. great job 5/5 10/10


Wow man you have my respect 10 fold.

I have just went through listening to a ton of your tracks. You are a very talented musician. If you aren't making money in music yet, you should be.

Great job on your music. Keep up the great work!


It's good.