Reviews for "Mountain Flowers - F-777"

Amazing... Simply Amazing.

Wow, this is sooo epic'ly awesome man. The melody brings a smile to my face! I love it man, your music sounds great man! ( As Always Of Course!). This song is just soooo beauityful man! Personally i think this is probably one of your best! I love how melodic this is too! Umm... Well there's nothing really bad about this song to crtitise other than it should of been a tad longer. But oh well, its good! I love the build ups in this too, it has soo much engergy!

This song definitly deserves a :

+ Favorite

Keep up the great work Jesse!

-Dj Clayface

for the day

this is great! the begin means morning, the middle means 3:00 PM, the end is for the night. 5/5 10/10

Damn creative!

Freaking awesome, easily 1 of my favorite


needs a better name! fucking awesome man! it deserved a better name! thank you!

This week there is nothing really good....

This one is best of all five in my opinion.
Nothing else this week is good....