Reviews for "Mountain Flowers - F-777"


I love it Jesse!!!

Keep it comin', and I'll keep them album covers coming :]

i had a long day

man i had a long frustrating day.......and i kome home, went to newgrounds to find a song to kalm me down so i kould unwind, and who else do i see nun other than my fav artist F=777 "Jesse" thanks man, great song perfect timing to be pn the leaderboard to im going to help keep it up there too lol

Wow one of your best

F-777 i love your work most of your songs were amazing but this song just knocks it outa the park NICE JOB !!!! keep up the good work!

Brill dude!

I, an already hard earned fan of your fabulous music, just cannot be less surprised of your new release, in being another great track. Well done, dude.

Shii m8 Crazyy!!!

fuuu man this is crazy shit!!!!
Love it <3
And check out my song tecnhical piano ;) please check it out not commenting to tell u to check my song but hey this song made my day ;)