Reviews for "Mountain Flowers - F-777"

This wins.

Nothing more to be said. Absolutely wonderful to listen to.

Just listened to this again

And it IS awesome.
I've already downloaded, fived a few times...
but this song just makes you want to dance every dance at once, because you can't get enough. It's like I want to listen to it all at once, yet I don't want it to end.
gah, the mixed emotions of awesomeness.

i like it

i liked the beginning as well as the rest of it.....
nice touch with the classical feel of it, thank you.
are you going to make more?

This song is now my new god.

Holy shitwaffles this song is amazing. I love you. Honestly. 5/5 10/10

my ears are bleeding...

because it has a great beat also the rytmic share this to all your freinds