Reviews for "Mountain Flowers - F-777"

almost the best

This song is absolutely, unreally GOOD. I don't give 10s often. Because, on my grading scale a 10 is 'Newground's perfect'. Congratulations. I downloaded this on my MP3 and listen to it often. I still haven't gotten sick of it. I don't have room on my MP3 either, so everything that goes on there are things I love, because I can't afford room for music I only 'like'.


Such an amazing song... Really great job on this!

The melodies are out of this world, as usual. You never fail sticking songs into people's heads XD. I loved the instrument you used at the beginning, and the piano parts were extraordinary. I wish you had continued the song how you started it instead of moving on to a saw synth, though...

The transitions were very well done, and the structure in this song is amazing. Nothing felt wrong, although I was looking for some tempo change in the song. Still sounds fine as it is. The ending bothered me a little. I suggest adding the introduction to play at the ending one more time, and ending it with a proper note, and that echoed percussive boom you did at end, or you could make it loop.

I liked the drums you used over here. I wish there were a few more samples, instead of mainly kicks and sometimes cymbals, like some snares or something, but in general the drums are nicely varied, and made some really cool transitions.

In conclusion, a very good song, with some truly amazing melodies and variety. I wish you'd make another Mountain Flowers which has the same style as the intro in this throughout the song. Still, I enjoyed this song immensely. Don't stop amazing everyone :D.

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One day..

I listened to this one day, like when it first came out, and it was mean. But I forgot to download it.. And then it got stuck in my head, and I couldn't remember what it was, and after 5 hours of searching google, youtube, and newgrounds I couldn't find it. And then I REALISED IT WAS IN MY FUCKING FAVOURITE AUDIO. AMFG.

Anyway, its pretty damn mean song. And pretty damn not like big. Like MASSIF. Not even that, its like, COLOSSALE. And it's not even spelled right. Thats how flippin' awesome this song is.


This song is....well words don't do it justice. It's incredible and that's just about all I can say.


I love the Dam intro! i cant get it out of my head! its so awesome!