Reviews for "Mountain Flowers - F-777"

Shii m8 Crazyy!!!

fuuu man this is crazy shit!!!!
Love it <3
And check out my song tecnhical piano ;) please check it out not commenting to tell u to check my song but hey this song made my day ;)


Every single time I hear this song, I get this uncontrollable urge to grin from ear to ear. Great job


Jesse Valentine=King of techno


I wake up early every morning and listen to all your songs that I've downloaded like three times each. Then when I'm at school in all my worst subjects (which is just about all of them except for robotics and computing coz I can listen to your music in those classes) there's this awesome, epic neverending party going on in my head and nobody can figure out why I'm dancing in my chair.


All I have to say is:

I've heard some pretty amazing, high quality stuff on Newgrounds before, but I have to honestly say that this is by far superior to those. It sounds excellent, and it has just a little bit of everything I love in a good dance song. I can't put forth in words the amount of love I have towards this song, it's an fantastic blend of goodness! :)