Reviews for "Mountain Flowers - F-777"

okay, i am pretty convinced that at leased half the songs that got me through highschool were composed by you and i just never realized

absolutely beautiful

Epic, especially the piano at 1:36 and forth. Very masterful.

This is so beautiful

This is so intense. This is one of your best song.!!! The melody is great as the whole of this song. You make so awesome songs. I hope that I would do as good songs as you. Keep it up!!!! 5/5 10/10 =))
- Namice


When I hear this song it actually sounds kind of sad, and has significant emotional meaning to me.

The Rating Only Goes To 5??

I think I have found the next song I will listen to over and over and over again until I've got every not memorized. It's a gorgeous and simply awesome song!!!!