Reviews for "Mountain Flowers - F-777"

It's got it all...

Great intro, fantastic guitar, awesome beat (not too heavy), beautiful piano... DL'd and now I'm dancing!!!

d(^o^)b The Fonz approves!


lol its true

Hmm hm hmm hmm.... DUM DUM DUM-

I have to say, the quality of the song is outstanding. First, it begins as with a guitar playing nicely, so that gives the basic feel of the song. Afterwards, the synths begin to play sounding similar to the guitar and then followed by kicks. This really just builds the whole mood for the song.

Absolutely brilliant.

Oh, by the way, I'm gonna make this song for StepMania if that's fine with you. : )


Very nice intro, Great synth sounding, Very good Kick the track is very good mixing.
Outstanding work to be honestly this sound more like one of the best Dance Tune on newgrounds atm i have listen to. Synth melody catchy, nice guitar (trance Piano sound) nice mastering on the kick Balanced volyms. U deserv it. GL with ur album and keep the good work up / TN

Um hum...

/!\ CAUTION /!\

THIS IS AWESOME! Wow... I'm loving it, man!
You are in a high playground, y'know? I mean... You are next to Envy, and all these lolawesomeomg music makers.

I give you my ten on ten and five on five, This just unleashed the review power in me. (Lol just wanted to say the word unleash ^^)