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Reviews for "Big Red - Some BloodFest Blues"

Holy Shit. AMAZING.

You have an amazing voice. I've like, never heard your voice like this.

You're good, bro.
10/10 and 5/5.

I'm expecting more from you.

i got lost in this one

I didn't expect a live song, but it was definitely the right song.


Not bad. I've heard better but I have also hear worse. A little harmonica would help but thats just my oppinion.

BigRed responds:

A little harmonica makes everything better.

aw crap

i thought this was about gum. X (

oh not bad.

BigRed responds:

I like chewing gum with my butt.


Ok, in the start, my sister said you sounded drunk. But might I say, to switch a great pickup line up with a compliment...

Is your dad a plumber?

'Cause you got some nice pipes.

BigRed responds:

I'm usually drunk. :D