Reviews for "Lock Wars Epi 1"

Amusing to say the least

If banana watches this, it will be like that scene in Macbeth.

NullZilla responds:

why a 0 in interactivity!!

didn't you find the easter eggs?!?!

Ahah great job man

Definitly your best movie yet, this was great and the banana easter egg made me laugh so loud.

Plus the part where it skips the whole scenes and goes to the darth maul part was halarious.

Heh awsome job, this lockday is pwnage

Locktastic (?!?!?!?)

This rocks, ive been on your site going through all the movies and have come to the conclusion you are the funniest man ever. When you say, the end of a series does that mean no more lock stories?

4.5 out of 5

Awsome, I loved the idea, Lock Wars, just Awsome. Haha, and the 21st Century Lock Legion thing, also a great idea. The movie had great speacial effects, and WTF is a DILDO CAM??? Anyways, it was hillarious, and keep`em comin.

NullZilla responds:

>> WTF is a DILDO CAM???

Hehe I don't know. At the time I originally made this movie back in 2004 I didn't really like Banana so wanted to make him look like a fag. Though now in 2005 I don't have a problem with banana anymore, but never took that part out :P

that was one of the best

i cant wait for another to come out make more of these