Reviews for "Lock Wars Epi 1"

dont continue!

so not unique!
get your self some original stil!
just like the clock!
and y midi?!?! get some music!!

NullZilla responds:


Pretty good...

Will be waiting for the next few episodes dude. Cheers for the effort well done!!!


Pretty good. I'll be waiting for the next lock wars!

NullZilla responds:

lock war epi2 on lock day next year :P

4.5 out of 5

Awsome, I loved the idea, Lock Wars, just Awsome. Haha, and the 21st Century Lock Legion thing, also a great idea. The movie had great speacial effects, and WTF is a DILDO CAM??? Anyways, it was hillarious, and keep`em comin.

NullZilla responds:

>> WTF is a DILDO CAM???

Hehe I don't know. At the time I originally made this movie back in 2004 I didn't really like Banana so wanted to make him look like a fag. Though now in 2005 I don't have a problem with banana anymore, but never took that part out :P

GREAT MOVIE! I love all the locks lol

make a game too if u can hehe

NullZilla responds:

A game? Hehe if this gets a great score maybe I will make a nice Lock Wars game