Reviews for "Lock Wars Epi 1"

That was kool!

I love star wars and that rocked!

What a Epic Lock Movie!

That Was Pretty Epic!
Hope See More Episodes of Lock Wars
It Looks Pretty Interresting!

good movie

i like the names of all the locks, i liked the whole star wars theme. i like lot of your movies,keep up the good work

that was one of the best

i cant wait for another to come out make more of these

Pretty, pretty good

I like it although I'm wondering what the differences between a Lock and a Clock are?

NullZilla responds:

Clock Crew are originally a group that formed after StrawberryClock submitted the movie "B" which was just a stationary B in a movie, but it still was voted very high.

The Lock Legion was formed by the blam club as a joke to show how stupid the clocks were, etc. But soon certain people such as Banana_Lock took over the lock legion and turned it from a Joke to a real thing. That was 2 years ago.

Today the lock legion is a group of people that make flash. Their characters are inanimate objects that have locks on them and use a computer generated voice, much like the clocks.