Reviews for "Lock Wars Epi 1"

Ahah great job man

Definitly your best movie yet, this was great and the banana easter egg made me laugh so loud.

Plus the part where it skips the whole scenes and goes to the darth maul part was halarious.

Heh awsome job, this lockday is pwnage

very nice

the only thing that could make this better would be some more flashing lights.


ifound the easter egg if u can call ti that lol i wanan see more though

NullZilla responds:

there's 4 easter eggs

Amusing to say the least

If banana watches this, it will be like that scene in Macbeth.

NullZilla responds:

why a 0 in interactivity!!

didn't you find the easter eggs?!?!

uve redeemed urselves

usually i dont like lock legion, or clock crew stuff but this was kinda good