Reviews for "Lock Wars Epi 1"

Locktastic (?!?!?!?)

This rocks, ive been on your site going through all the movies and have come to the conclusion you are the funniest man ever. When you say, the end of a series does that mean no more lock stories?

OMG!! it was dedicated to gohan lock :')

soo happy! the old me! but wait im not really much of a starwars fan compared to others and what the hell? 1986??? i want even born then and gohan lock was created on 2005 so it should be 2005-2005 haha any ways thanks for doing that :'D



This was a really good movie! Happy Lock Day! BTW, I think I found all the Easter Eggs:

1. Click the "21'st Century" Logo
2. Click Locktopia
3. Click King Banana_Lock or a giant banana (best one!)
4. Click the table

Nice work on the voices, and hope to see the sequel soon!

((( COOL )))

Haha this is cool, kinda reminds me of a certain movie but still neat, thaught the size could come down abit heh...

SIZE: could come down somewhat for us 56k-ers...

LOCK DAY: Haha must be lockday, notbad on the flash keep it up...


It was okay.

The starting sounds are MIDI files. those piss me off. get rid of them.

This is just basically a star wars plot, which is kind of unoriginal. The animation was good though.