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Reviews for "FF | Mellow Night"


yeah, im diggin this track, very very chill, i fuckin love that riff son and the keys are rite on point! What program did you use?

freddyfinger responds:

thanks man, i use reason 4


Oh my fuck.

Freddy gimme mah geetar solo!!!

Haha U know str8 up this beat is soo chill and relaxing. I'm lovin it man. U chose the perfect drums. Reminds me a lot of Dilla's vintage beats. There's so much I have to say about this...but words can't really explain how good this is man. Great Job. I'll def b checkin u more.

(Sorry, I know you reviewed some of my beats but I never really checked ur stuff. That was a FAIL on my part. How rude of me. :[ But anyway thanks for setting a good example for samplers on NG. Hope ur popularity rises a lot more.)

freddyfinger responds:

Yeah Dilla was definitely inspired for this beat, the guitar work in his music is soo nice, like his one "Earl" off Vintage vol 2. It's cool though I don't think it's fail for ya heh, ur music is really good!!!

thanks :)

U a genius...

This shiznit right here belongs in Samurai Champloo. :D

freddyfinger responds:

that'd be cool haha, thanks a lot

Nice geeetar >D

HR HRMM..nice , nice dood!!!


PEACO, YO,,nice Tune,,again!
Lov ur STuff!