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Reviews for "Santa Claus HotLine"


^^Good Points^^
Really the only redeeming quality of this movie was the sound clip that you added to it. It was a pretty funny clip to listen to. I've never heard it before.

^^Needs Improving^^
The drawings and animations didn't do you much good. You used the same repeated animations over and over, and they didn't even look that good. Definitely need to work on the graphics a lot more.


The flash really WAS shitty. Pretty funny though.

Erm, no.

A guy whacking off while on the phone, that's all this is, and why did a white circle keep appearing every 5 seconds, who the fuck cums that frequently and he had trousers on so it shouldn't have came through like that, that just made the movie all the more stupid. The sound clip wasn't even funny, making a movie to it was a bad enough idea, but the job you did was even worse than the idea itself.

Whatever dude. get a faux gel pussy for xmas

i will try not to be rude here: ahem....Shut up!! I agree w afrodude. what a waste of space. chill out and go chase some goats or something.


it was ok