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Reviews for "Santa Claus HotLine"

dirty kids !

Hilarious audio, terrible movie

The audio itself is the main crux of the movie here, and it is pretty funny!

Unfortunately, the movie to go alongside it is subpar at best. There is barely any animation apart from the dialling at the start and a 2 second loop of some awkward looking fondling in the trousers. If you'd done a better job at animating this, perhaps even having the guy imagine what was going on alongside the audio he was listening too (perhaps she was getting fucked by a candycane?) this would have easily been improved.

Funny audio, so-so flash...

Well, it WAS humorous. But the animation could have been better. The audio alone is what makes it worthwhile. I admit, I replayed it a couple times just to hear it.


Nice audio clip I guess, but it's not like you made it and although the animation was mildly funny it was in the end just a 1 second loop, which really just doesn;t cut it for me as an animation.


^^Good Points^^
Really the only redeeming quality of this movie was the sound clip that you added to it. It was a pretty funny clip to listen to. I've never heard it before.

^^Needs Improving^^
The drawings and animations didn't do you much good. You used the same repeated animations over and over, and they didn't even look that good. Definitely need to work on the graphics a lot more.