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Reviews for "MGS 3: Crab Battle"

I still tear up in laughter afther 13years.

LMAFO the best!!!! laughed so hard

a Classic !

I remember this back when Flash was the stuff everyone went to <3 and if it makes Snake feel better there is a video someone of a Krab that someone got a knife. Hehehe CQC Crab :)

Well, at least it wasn't a giant enemy crab. It's great how this goes on fairly long. There's really not much else to say other than that it's hilarious. I'm glad it does this over and over. I live in Florida and have had some bad encounters with crabs. Everything just gets wackier as it goes along.

I see a lot of Metal Gear parodies at this time. This must have been when the third game came out. I guess it could have had more jokes, but it's still great. The voices were spot on too. The animation holds up fairly well.