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Reviews for "MGS 3: Crab Battle"

ha super kooolness

yea i loved it especially the stoned olioliolioliolioliooooo chav dude... he was kool:>


dude that was good today at school we all did the lalilililuuuuuu in the cafeteria your are famous lol


That's one of the funniest things ever. The animation is great and the voice-overs are great. It's really funny and the dude sounds like Snake, I mean, if David Hayter died, he could be him!

Praise Allah for the OLIOLIOOOOOO!!

You wouldn't believe how hard I've laughed at this flash! I could barely breathe. I don't see how you and your friends came up with this. I plan on buying the shirt very soon, though I hope to see an OLIOLIO shirt someday. XD

Here's something you might find honoring! Yesterday, while with friends I'm visiting in Chicago, we went about the entire park of Six Flags yelling "CRAB BATTLE!!!" and "OLIOLIOOO!!!" at random... mainly while in the long lines and on the rides themselves. We all knew we were ticking people off like crazy. XD

brilliant absolutly brilliant

very gud liked da oliolioo part very funni kep up da gud wrk