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Reviews for "MGS 3: Crab Battle"

Man I hate fighting crabs there scary.

Dear god I would never go into a battle with a crab that thing could kill anyone and anything.If I ever encounter one I would have to say CRAB BATTLE!

I love it!

I saw this for the first time a couple of years ago, but even so it cracks me up whenever I watch it. The part about the crab being a 'cave demon' was priceless, and the whole thing was put together brilliantly. Good work.


I first saw this so long ago, and it's nice to come back to it, especially now that I actually know something about Metal Gear Solid. The graphics and animation are high quality for their time (2005), and the voice quality is quite high.

The humor is also way better than almost anything being submitted today; the voice acting and the way the animation is shot really adds onto the humor, and the music makes everything much more dramatic. I also thoroughly enjoyed the face you gave the "OLIOLIO" guy. All in all, you did a great job with this. My only criticism is that the outline of Snake's face is just a plain parabola. Even for 2005, that's pretty weak.

The End of Big Boss

Ironically not in a hail of gunfire, but in a duel against the second most terrifying animal in existence. The first being an ostrich.

F****** Hilarious!

David Hayter helped you right?
Is his voice, i'm sure :B