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Reviews for "The REAL revenge."


this was a seriously retarded movie but...it was fucking funny so...I decided to help your score a bit. Other than retardedness the graphics etc were good. keep darth mauls spiked poop comin!!! lmfao!!


Hah,I <3 you Tom,I <3 you Tom Fulp... but most importantly,I <3 ALL YOU ABUSIVE REVIEWERS<3<3<3.

Wanna know why?because tom put this up because he found it funny-YOU are not who decide what goes up on the front page!if you were,then the world would be a stale place,because not every person can agree on the same thing.

Basically,tom set you up the bomb. the rules say not to make abusive reviews,because you get BANNED for ABUSIVE reviews,and WE get WHISTLE POINTS for marking your GODDAMN reviews as ABUSIVE.

Once again,i'd like to thank all you abusive reviewers,and i hope every last one of you are reading,because you just screwed yourself!

oh yeah,i found that flash pretty funny too : \
lol @ abusive reviewers.

There's no way this is a turd

This has a lot of humor in it for only 4 button choices. As always the animation is pretty good too. Compared to some of the shakey, ill drawn crap that makes it to at least 3rd., this submission deserves a 2nd chance.


Some things just never get old. Yes, it's immature, yes, it has no real sophistication. However... sometimes a joke just doesn't need those things to be funny. Despite the gross factor, I still come back to watch this one every now and then for a lift. After all, not everyone can be expected to produce Jay Leno quality material with EVERY submission. Lighten up, HeavenCookie.

give the dude a break

the animation ain't bad and there is creativity 10/10 for shitness!