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Reviews for "The REAL revenge."


Sorry, but I dodn't really like this one. I do not find poop jokes to be neccisary funny. Oh well, Some people tend to like them. Anyway, you have good artwork though if anything. I reccomend that you try and come up with a better thing out of flash and you could go far.


lol, work way more on graphic. and get more buttons.

Jesus what made you do this?

Wow im just in awe. Poop jokes are old for one. Star wars was not a good topic to bash ate the moment. And i have no idea how you made front page. Is this what newgrounds is down to? from top quality animation to this shit? Thanks i have lost all hope in humannity.

Are you serious?

Front page? Why? Pressure from the scatophile lobby? It's one thing to be cutting-edge but this is just cutting shit. Literally.

I awarded points for it being short.

Don't get me wrong, I can even deal with a full-length Doodieman Flash, but this... ugh. And Star Wars is beyond gay anyway. Yeah, you heard me, all you dorks masturbating to Natalie Portman, Carrie Fisher and Jabba the Hutt.

No Comment

Graphics: You do have the ability to create some good graphics.

Sound: They were alright. Not the greatest

Interactivity: Only 4 Buttons for the "game" and thats it

Style: There wasnt much style here at all. I believe it was disgusting
and stupid. I believe 100% that this should have made it on the front page of Newgrounds.

Violence: Nothing much Here

Humor: Just some stupid and annoying slapstick comedy we all have seen before.

Overall: I believe that this shouldnt of made it on Frontpage like most people would agree with me. I thought only good created items and flashes should be shown the frontpage. You do have artistic work but should of used it on something more entertainning. Hope you bring us something better in the future.