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Reviews for "The REAL revenge."

Connection Established...

that is the most..

funnest thing i had ever seen which is deeply disturbing to my bowls..

i found that if that stuff actually came out of every ones butts than i would think that no one would notice they had a light sabre or a mortor shell up their butt. let alone anything else to the imagation...


Am I the only one who no longer is amused by fart jokes? This is a concept that should have died before production, and I am disappointed that it made the front page. I enjoy 'whack your boss' but I am not interested in any more doodie thanks.

the same for years and years

I remember my little brother watching gif-anomations on doodie..com some years ago. Okay, some of them actually were funny. But after 10 cartoons of almost identical content it gets boring and makes you wonder if there's something wrong. Seems like doodie's animation-technique has developed from gif to flash, the jokes are still the same though. Think about something new...

Save your time please

This cartoon was really retarded. I can't believe people still make crap like this. I really got no enjoyment out that guy crapping out whatever the hell that was. I really need to watch something good now to get that bad image out of my skull.


This should be in the top 5.