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Reviews for "The REAL revenge."


This is really sick man!

Try again

Animation was good, sounds worked, and the buttons all seem to do what they should. Thats about all the postive stuff I got to say. The jokes were bad and over done. I was hoping for something good but feel very short of that mark. You got talent though so keep working on it.

Looking at what u did right...

the graphics although used for a short and well, not real funny idea, were decent. The animation itself was smooth the buttons worked fine ( 4 i guess was enough i didn't want to see anymore but if u make more games maybe more options but plz no more pooping siths) i get the whole sith is an anagram for s*** thing but not sold on it for a flash concept. anyways good graphics u got talent there. just plz ur a newground affiliate, if your going to submit, submit something a little bit more complex then an overdone fart joke 4 times over. nd sorry people are so angry with their reviews.

Why Why

This is just stupid scat humor that most people grow out of when they are seven years old. Take your talents and put it into making art. Please I beg you stop the scat humor it isn't funny unless you are an immature boob. But the graphics was good thumbs up there

This literally makes poop look good

This would probably work better as a comic strip. As a flash, it's just disgusting and pointless.