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Reviews for "The REAL revenge."

WTF was that?!

This is soo fuckin weird. I dont even get his sense of humor. just do better next time, ok?


That so was funny yet so wrong wrong

Someone Fill Me in Here

I have no problem with toilet humour, but this just isn't funny. It doesn't make any sense in any comedic fashion. Obviously a bit of time was taken on it, and maybe that's the joke. Why would you spend time on something so vapid? The sound was the high point, I would have expected a four year old making fart noises.

*scratches head*

I don't think the front page was warranted here...unless it's just a silly joke to watch the whole thing go up in flames.

farts aren't funny when you grow up

this was pretty stupid... nuff said

Mostly weird but kinda funny

That was one of the weirdist things I have ever seen on Newgrounds, I had to admit it was kinda funny. But since Im a fan of Star Wars and since Darth Maul is one of my favorite characters I didnt enjoy it that much.