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Reviews for "The REAL revenge."


The graphics are decent, and the sound is good. If you put these skills into something not so stupid you could probably have something going for you.

May the force of sith scare you.

It was okay... but i don't think it was suitable for front page.

Disturbing sounds, superb graphics but only lasts as long as you think it's funny.

do i even need to say it?

wow pop jokes,eh? hmmmm well this sure as hell isnt going to my favorites. youre lucky as hell you even got on newgrounds.

Not bad

Its not my type of humor so im gonna go light on the rating, but i thought it was halarious when you click the button to get the lightsaber, and that other guy slowly backs away. ^_^

Some nasty sith...

You've thoroughly ruined my cube steak dinner. Thanks man, way to be a team player.

Animation was pretty good and the sounds were... sick. Nothing over the top. A parr. But extra kudes for making this one sick piece of sith!