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Reviews for "The REAL revenge."


Although I found much humour in Tom's previous flash animation, CRAPWOMAN (don't get me wrong, it still wasn't brilliant), this one failed to raise a single chuckle from me. Why? Well there's little new here, with the odd exception of option three. He even goes as far as re-using elements from CRAPWOMAN for the first and fourth buttons!

On a positive note, his animation skills aren't as appaling as his effort with this cartoon.

i'm a big fan of the potty humor...

but this just wasn't funny. was that thing even a turd? it looked like a demonic sausage to me. this has to be some kind of cruel joke that's being played on us that this is on the front page.


I've been to this guys website, oh by the way, its not Tom Fulp, his name happens to be Tom. Anyway, this guy is obsessed with poop, so poop jokes it is. It's just a submisison, but doesnt deserve front page.

I thought it was gross.

Maybe thats Tom Fulps humor.

that was pretty gay

why would you make that tom? it was really dumb and made a mocery of star wars. there are alot of good star wars flashes but, hmm how can i put this...that was shit. the graphics were a little above average but still crappy, the sound was these really bad farts and a tiny laff from darth maal. you obviously get points for interactivity because...well...that wat it was, something that you click on to make it do something. still though that was like, like,like bacon cooked in piss.


I've seen this done before with a different premise... but this is definitely "Turd" material...