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Reviews for "Oh Damn"

oh damn

make a second like oh f*** or oh shit i hear more oh than damn which should not happen.

Nerd-02 responds:

Yeah you're right, I should have just looped "damn" over and over. That would have been way funnier.

P.S. why did you self-censor fuck? Are you not allowed to say fuck?

P.S.S. I also apologize for having more clean words then swear words. I promise to change that in my next response.


This is an epic song.

Nerd-02 responds:

I made an epic song! For my next one I'm going to shoot for 'legendary'. Thanks for the review.

may i post this on the tube of yous

im asking fist unlike some other noobs

Nerd-02 responds:

No, defiantly not. I uploaded this to Newgrounds because it has such a great community and it's a kick ass site. If you want to share this song with others link them to this page :P.

I appreciate you for asking though. Lon's last flash can be found on about 30 different sites, one's actually German, and he never wanted it there. I could write an essay on this topic but I don't want to get preachy. Just for anyone else reading this. All of my work, and all of Lon's work, are meant to be on Newgrounds only and we'd like it if you didn't steal it.

ROFL XD!!!!!!!!!

I just watched that pokemon thing, then the bonus, i almost fell of my chair laughing. im so downloading this and putting it on my ipod!!

Nerd-02 responds:

Thanks, Lon was so excited by how good sonicmega could do a prof. oak voice he sent me that clip :P I was really board so I just made this. It's amazing so many people like it, lol I never expected it. Thanks for the review.


Oh Damn this is awesome 8D

Nerd-02 responds:

Thanks, that's what I thought to.