Reviews for "Bones"

Dude thats tight!!

Dude man thats so cool i love that animation and that part where the male dog gave the bone to the girl dog and she exploded was funny lol..Nice job on ur movie its tight!

funniest shit I've ever seen!

omg, ok...this was so f*cking hilarious!!

First, the graphics and animation were so..beautiful!! so...great =D really, the author can be proud of his drawing work!!

the sound was....well, the music fitted well, and overal the sound wasn't very much so, it was good enough

but then, the humour!! I really hate that 2 boys who throw the piece of firework to the dog.....and then, when the girl-dog(dunno the English word for it), just blows to pieces, you think: aaaa how sad....but the dog is just happy with more bones!! whahhaha this is MY kind of humor (and not the RAB shit, sorry;))

Excellent flash work.

This is great, I love it. Some of the best flash work I've ever seen...but damn..the ending is so morbid...

Supreme Art

That was amazing. It was so simple, and yet so awesome.
Please, don't stop.

crazy cool

This is such a movie. Good story and graphics. keep it up.