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Reviews for "I'm Done"

Very nice

Real chill, real soothing, but not the kind of relaxation that puts you to sleep. I like it. It's something you could meditate to.

emotional or what!

this was really good. my favourite track on newgrounds, tbh.

My feeling for this song is so strong ....

This song almost made me tear up... it made me think of the past were friends i had for years died in iraq too young i say too young .... u have skills no dought ur one of the many who keep NGs alive and in the spot of everyones soul thanxs bro.


Very almost sureal....very awsome dude keep it up!! diggin this

You saved my day

This is incredible stuff!
I cant really review it, and i won't.
Because then i have to listen to it in a critique way, and that shouldnt be allowed to do to this unbelievable charming song!
It got me so relaxed, so peaceful.

Today i've been really tired, and this kinda "rested" me, and now i can think again :D

Totally, genuisly brilliant!