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Reviews for "I'm Done"

Really nice!

Isn't it amazing how rainy weather can create some of the best writing sessions? I have a piece that I wrote called Rainy Afternoon that I'll upload soon. (Kinda wish it would rain right now... LOL)

I really like the mood you've created here. Very atmospheric and leaves plenty of room for the listener to imagine various things to the music. That's really important as too much music is way too cluttered. What hardware/software did you use to make this song? Very nice job- kept me engaged the full time! Gonna check out more of your work now!

Anti-Citizen responds:

For this song i used FL Studio with in house effects and synthesizers, the strings come from the garritan personal orchestra, the drums and effect samples come from some computer music magazine sample cd's and the rain is a mesh of water/rain samples from a couple of video games. Anyway glad you like it and thanks for the review! :D


My favorite part is from 00:00 to 10:17. ABSOFUCKINLUTELY LOVE IT!


Perfect. The mastering is excellent, and the quality remains throughout the entire 10 minutes. It's the perfect length for a chill out song like this. Percussion is fitting, and the mood is deep and inspiring.

You saved my day

This is incredible stuff!
I cant really review it, and i won't.
Because then i have to listen to it in a critique way, and that shouldnt be allowed to do to this unbelievable charming song!
It got me so relaxed, so peaceful.

Today i've been really tired, and this kinda "rested" me, and now i can think again :D

Totally, genuisly brilliant!

Loving it!

The drums are so epic, add some hat rushes and beat chopping and it will sound more complete.
The woobs that start at 1:50 get a little annoying after a minute or so, maybe a little too loud.

Other than that, the whole song is full of variation and a pleasing 10 minutes of musical art.

Respect. Hope you make more.