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Reviews for "Horizon Awakened"

Don't mess with mother nature! this is great I love it, awesome work :)

personally if i saw a thousand foot high golem i wouldn't watch i'd run like fucking hell!

Only one compound word to describe this: badass.
The coloring and style is nearly breath taking. I love the small details you added, like the houses, trees and powerlines. True power of mother nature!

So if Team Ico ever creates Shadow of the Colossus 2...this better be the last boss. Imagine having thought that you've defeated all of the colossi, only to have the very earth beneath you shake as if in an earthquake, then slowly rise up around the character with boulders and trees falling away. You then realize it to be just one massive hand of the entity that you had somehow forgotten. But before you are given time to react, the fingers close around the new lead, forming an imprisonment of molten rock and dead fauna, with the last few streaks of light fading between the digits, until only darkness remains and your conscious quickly slips away. After an unknown amount of time, you wake up inside the beast, and the battle begins.

I love that the sheep don't care.

THe gaping maw chest design is always a plus too.