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Reviews for "Return of Starbucks"

good really good

that sould go on the front page it was really funny lol darthvader i see why he want 2 the darkside lol

here is everything vader says

i did the voice for vader. here it is:

"what, what?"

"look im just trying to the menu asshole"

"welll im just trying see the god damn menu i dont know what the problem is here"

"look asshole i just have respiratory problems"

"oh im sorry i guess ill just stop breathing for a minute"

"ill go stand in the corner and you and youf reinds can just drink lattes all day *sob*"

"ok i know what i want"

"im just breathing!"

"how was that? how's this? that make you feel better? that better for ya?"

"alright im just gonna have a cookie"

"sorry i dont sit around all day drinking lattes with you and your fuckin friends"

"oh!! oh!! im sorry i have to BREATHE, ill just TONE IT DOWN FOR YOU"


ps, check out some of the front page toons and then tell me this is not front page material. this shit is genius and anyone who says otherwise can lick the sweat off my ballsack.

right down the middle


Decent but a little lacking.

Eh....I mean, it's a great premise, but all the truly funny jokes that COULD be made here...just aren't. I agree with previous reviews. Vader's a bit hard to hear. Besides this, while I think the animation's pretty good, I'm continually wishing for something really witty to be said about Starbucks. Snide humor or something. Though the breathing joke was good, it got old. Not bad.

An average submission.

That was pretty funny at times, but nothing spectacular. The animation was ok, but there wasn't really much movement happening. As for the audio, it was decent enough, although Vader was a little difficult to hear.

Not bad, but not good either. Keep it up though.