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Reviews for "Return of Starbucks"

I loved it... but...

I thought the art, the sound, the voice acting were all great. The play hand was flipping me off... so I tried to flip it off, but he held it up longer and I got a cramp.

best movie ever!

hey i think this was the best thing ever its hilarious all the other starwars thinks are bad.

That was good

Good job and very funny
but i could barley hear wat vader was saying.

pretty cool

good humor. really funny how they both treat eachother... you should make it longer by having different scenes though. i was getting tired of looking at that same dorky kid. make it a series! you'd get away with it

It was alright

It wasn't great, i'd say it was above average, you couldn't hear what they were saying half the time, so i'd suggest if yo dun wanna re-track the voices, add subtitles.

The only reason why i reakon this should make frontpage is that since its the opening week of star wars epIII: revenge of the sith.