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Reviews for "Return of Starbucks"

For some reason I can't place...

Your works all remind me of "Home Movies" in a weird way. But yours are much more inspired, this being an excellent case-in-point. The subtleties of the situation comingling with nuerotic irreverance really brings out a lot of humor that hasn't been tapped into with many animator/commedians.

...Shoot for a television show or something eventually.

hilarious stuff

nearly as good your who wants a piece of shit! keep it up

That was sweet!

You're pretty good at this shit. The emporer looked like Richard Nixon.
"Do you have a volume button for that thing?"
Some classic lines there, dude.

Your style reminds me of GG Allin for some reason...

9/10 Make some more cartoons

I liked it....

..but sub sounded like he had a mouth full of shit when he talked.
i miss lf...even tho i did get banned from there by a mexican nazi.

Irrious responds:

go to hell bitch. 5 for humor? I give you 10 for cuntness

not bad. heh

I liked it alot actually. I thought it was very entertaining and a very funny idea. LoL
I also liked how the Starbucks idiot just stood there drooling on himself just like the real ones do! Genious!!

P.S. Calamari is good!