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Reviews for "Return of Starbucks"

Funny Vader/Palpatine/Star Wars parody

Heheh...i love this :D! You made Palpatine and Vader hilarious :D! It was a treat watching them argue over Starbucks and Vader's breathing. Whoa, didn't know there are only 3 Starbuckses in the galaxy. LOL! Poor Palpatine...I wonder if he enjoyed his coffee...


that was kick ass, it was way better than all the other crapy "comedies" about star wars, keep up the good work.


I Loved It! Funny!

I thought it was rlly good. Besides some the cheezy lines Vader had. The Emp was funny as hell! lmao."not flying back here" Vader had some funny ones 2, like when he tried 2 piss him off. Or when he was like"IM SORRY I HAVE 2 BREATH" or when he was saying all he was doin was trying 2 c the god**** menu. haha funny crap. But some of Vaders lines where lame,"im trying 2 c menu ***hole." or "i have respitory probs" kinda lame. Haha there body movements were awesome lol. Loved it.

cool man it was good

nice i liked it.ceep it up.my overall rating was 10.lol keep it up......

Great Work

That was great and very random. Random in a good way. Not just fucking retarded. Nice work