Reviews for "-I Don't Know-"

you don't know, but I know! :p

a nice song you got here ;)
good job with reaching the top 5 with it ;)
i nice, relaxed house song :p

great, max scores ;)

This is...

One séxy song. I love it. The pads were indeed too loud compared to the lead though... That's the only problem though.

Mrmilkcarton 4 Life

Good job with this one, nice to see you working on other styles. I don't know how you do it but you create a perfect atmosphere with your reverb and delay in all of your songs. Keep going, soon you will be the best!

Mrmilkcarton responds:


I don't know either. lol.

Its got a pretty cool groove to it. If anything i'd say the beginning took to long to transition into what it moved into. Though, when it happend it went into something pretty nice! Very nice on the ears indeed. Then goes back to the beat. Its not the best i'll be honost but its actually not bad at all. I can hear alot of potential in this. At 3:22 it just gets freaking wonderful. I was gonna give this an 8 but that part brought a bit of emotion in my opinion so it gives you a 9. I take it back. i DO know. Keep it up! hahah ^_~.