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Reviews for "Simpsons Home Inter. V5"

((( AWSOME )))

Very awsome again haha, v5 is great and more improved, are you planning on making anymore versions...?

Well i love it the colors kinda matched well with that of the simpsons, very fun aswell, keep up the great work...


TrueDarkness responds:

nope this is the last version of the house, next stop simpsons power plant interactive! so stay tuned. Glad you liked, thanks for the great review!

Still suxs!

Dude, u should still make it better okay? cuz it needs more features like a treehouse,other poeples houses like Flanders house , more music,more options and more characters.make it better i still hate it ok???


two words...
Nice Work


It was great! I think it had good animation and it was entertaining.

doh!doh!doh doh doh!

sweet!full under the sea song:
kids,marge...go pack your bags,everythings going to be ok.
were gonna start a new life...under the sea...
(intro notes)under the seaaaa! under the seaaaa.
theyl be no (accidations?)with friendly crustations under the seaaaaaaaaaa!!!!(notes notes notes notes end