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Reviews for "Simpsons Home Inter. V5"


I liked this a lot. you should make a version 6. where could i finfd the do'h song though?

Pretty good, but boring after a while

Graphics: 8
The graphics were well made, but unrealistic. Then again, it's a cartoon, so it's supposed to be.
Style: 9
The style of the game is pretty good.
Sound: 10
The sound board was extremely thorough, and the Simpsons theme song wasn't distracting.
Violence: 0
There was no violence.
Interactivity: 10
There was a massive amount of things to do.
Humor: 10
There were a lot of funny things in the house.

The D'oh Simpsons Song

Where did you get that cool Simpsons music?

that was really good

that was the best simpsons game ive played in a while, you need to add more stuff though. like make a whole springfield. with some games, and more things to click. i havent made any movies but i think that this game is 5/10.


man this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

where did you get that doh song?!?!