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Reviews for "Simpsons Home Inter. V5"

how many you gonna make

i dont mean to sound rude but i hated this. It wasent funny and whats with marge's eyes lighting up there where barely anyhtings you chould click on

TrueDarkness responds:

Theres a lot to click on, you just gotta find everything, and this is my last installment for the interactive home. Mayve next ill make, interactive school or power plant, who knows!


Two Things:

1. When you up the stairs, Homer and marges room is to the left, not the right.

2. Where is the basement?

TrueDarkness responds:

well the basement is where the closet is, just like Maggies room is where the bathroom is. In differentepisodes they switch the rooms so... ya. And I could of sword Homer and Marges bedroom was to the right, or north for this matter

Not Bad but only if you had more stuff to do

It was pretty decent touring around the Simpsons home but there is really nothing much you can do all i did was keep clicking on Homer for a couple of secs. NT but ya really gota work on it a bit more

TrueDarkness responds:

well theres a LOT of stuff to click on and do, look at the to do list, and then find all the stuff thats clickable, theres globs, paintings, pictures, picture frames, kitchen stuff, theres stuff everywhere! look for it tho


Its kinda boring..but the grafix are very good

Not to Shabby...

This was pretty good...

The graphics were pretty good...
The theme song got a little annoying after a while...
But hey, good job, it looks like you drew everything yourself which shows your effort...

There are a lot of things that i think should have changed... Have a choice of music for the background, while the pictures were nice they werent the ones that actually on the show (like going up the stair case), i think actually being able to go into Homer and Marge's bedroom would be nice, more like sounds/quotes from the show would be nice... But thats a crap load of stuff so i dont think you'd actually be up to it... If you make another version i would recommend adding the treehouse and possibly their cars and maybe adding more to the garage... I'm gonna stop there cause there are lots and lots of things i (personally) would add if i could but you arent me so im gonna stop...

Overall great job (despite what i said above) i really hope you make another updated version but you said you may not, and in that case, i look forward to seeing your next animation...


TrueDarkness responds:

Well Im not sure if I will make another version, because everyone is getting tired of this interactive house thing, however I might make another simpsons interactive environment game, maybe like, the school or the nuclear power plant. Thanks for all the ideas, they will come in handy for my next project!