Reviews for "FlashTrek: Broken Mirror"

What a beast!

Honestly man get those buggs fixed!! Because this will be newgrounds number 1 if you get everything up and running perfectly. The game is such a good idea and very well made I think in total I spent about 20 hours on this one its a classic!

vex-xiang responds:

The bugs should be fixed...I do not know when the update I sent will be online. But, if you keep playing it and 'avoid' the bugs for the time being, your saved game will still exist after the update, unless Newgrounds changes its URL location.

Platform game?

ya know, if Alien Homonid can become a platform game, and it seemed more like something mainly for flash to me, then a game like this that seems more like a platform game should have no problem at all. You should seriously consider trying to sell this to sony or something. Just change some of the trade names around.

This rules!!!!

I especially love mirror universe stuff I'm working on a fan trek series, based from the mirror universe, you should check out our website. The address is on my profile.

dreadnaught class

if you want the best ship in the game hit f8 and type getinthebooth then go to an uninhabited planet and claim it for earth you will get a dreadnaught class warship which is faster and more powerful than the borg cube. also best game ive eva played

I LOVE this game so much that im gonna put the CHEATS for this game kk?! While playing, pressF8 in your keyboard. Now type these codes individually with NO space kk.
maxlat: alot of money
allknowing: have max stats for nebulas and more.
maxdur: max duranium for construction.
urmine: own the planet you are in. (please dont do this very often it kills the fun.)
getinthebooth: Every PLANET will be owned by the earth Empire. ( this also kills the fun but it does it more than urmine kk use responsibly.)
Hope its helpfull!!!!!